The Dynamics of Applied Anthropology
in the Twentieth Century:
The Malinowski Award Papers

Thomas Weaver, Editor and Contributor of Introductory Materials

The Malinowski Award has been presented annually since 1973 by the Society for Applied Anthropology in recognition of efforts to understand and serve the needs of the world’s society through social science. Bronislaw Malinowski (1884-1942) was a leading figure during the 1920s and 1930s in the nascent but growing discipline of anthropology. While best known for his contribution to fieldwork methods and anthropological theory, he also promoted the practical use of anthropology. Anthropologists, he argued, must advocate for native populations, involve themselves in policy matters and politics, and research contemporary social issues. The careers of the twenty-eight persons who had received the award by 1999 illustrate major themes in the development of applied anthropology in the twentieth century, and their Malinowski Award addresses provide an interesting reflection on issues and events of this era. This collection presents all the Malinowski Award addresses that exist in written form, as well as a biographical essay on each recipient and on Bronislaw Malinowski.

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Chapter List

The Malinowski Award and the History of Applied Anthropology
Malinowski as Applied Anthropologist
Gonzalo Aguirre Beltrán: Applied Anthropology and Indigenous Policy
Everett C. Hughes: Urban Sociology, Social Problems, and Ethics
Gunnar Myrdal: Interdisciplinary Research, Policy Science, and Racism
Edward H. Spicer: The Yaqui, Culture Change, and Ethnicity
Sol Tax: Advocate for Indian Rights and Promoter of Anthropology
Juan Comas: Indigenous Policy and the Fight against Racism
Laura Thompson: Culture, Personality, and Applied Anthropology
Fei Xiaotong: Policy in the Service of Minorities
Raymond Firth: A Theoretician in King Arthur's Court
George M. Foster: Medical Anthropologist in the Post-World War II Years
Omer C. Stewart: Advocate for Indian Religion and Land Claims
Alexander H. Leighton: Interdisciplinary Research and Personality Theory
Elizabeth Colson: American Africanist and Resettlement Theory
Philleo Nash: Policy and Equality in the Halls of Government
Margaret Lantis: Culture, Personality, and Acculturation
Frederick L. W. Richardson: Industrial and Organizational Research
Lauriston Sharp: Innovator of Applied Anthropology Programs
J. G. St. Clair Drake: Activist-Advocate before His Time
Conrad Arensberg: Economic and Industrial Anthropologist
M. Margaret Clark: Medical Anthropologist and Advocate for the Aged
Ronald Frankenberg: From Industrial Anthropology to AIDS
Claudio Esteva Fabregat: A Four-Fields Anthropologist in Spain
Michael M. Cernea: Policy and Development in the World Bank
Bea Medicine: Culture Broker among Indians and Anthropologists
Ward Goodenough: Academic and Applied Anthropologist
Robert A. and Beverly H. Hackenberg: Research and Policy in Anthropology
Thayer Scudder: The Environment, Social Problems, and Development