Mailing List


The Society is a professional association composed of applied social and behavioral scientists. Approximately 60% of the membership of the Society are employed in university settings. The remainder works in private and public organizations. Typically, these members are associated with organizations that are concerned with topics such as regional and urban planning, economic development, health and medical care, and technology and agriculture.

File Contents

The Society file includes the names and addresses of approximate 2,600 applied social and behavioral scientists.  Most (85%) of the addresses are domestic; the greatest part of non-domestic members are Canadian. The addresses are verified twice each year via first class mail.


Labels can be prepared with a variety of sorts -- by country, domestic only, alphabetic by last name, and by zip code. The list is printed on standard self-adhesive mailing labels. In addition, the list can be sent electronically as an e-mail attachment or on a disk. The file can be saved as an Excel file.


A fee of $200 per thousand is charged for the preparation of a set of self-adhesive mailing labels or electronic file. An additional $10 is charged for postage and handling. Overnight postage and special delivery costs are additional. An additional fee of $30 is charged when the 250 non-member subscribers are included.


Prepayment is required. Payment must include a copy of the item(s) that are posted with the labels. Orders are fulfilled within 14 days of the receipt of the request.

To obtain additional information on the Society and its membership, please contact the address below

Society for Applied Anthropology
P.O. Box 2436
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-2436 • U.S.A.