Frequently Asked Questions

The website is not recognizing my email, but I am a member.


Even though you are a member you will still need to create a "site registration". This will link your member information to the website. Please follow the instructions below.

Go to "create account" and fill in the site registration part of the page (right side).

After filling in your information there is a red box at the bottom. Please fill in the letters or numbers in the box (this step cuts down on spam). Then click register.

You will now be sent an email asking you to verify your account. Make sure you click on the link in the email. If you do not receive this email right away please check your spam folder.

After you verify your email just make sure you are logged into the website at the top right of the page.

I do not remember my password but I know I have created an account.


Click on create account and go to the Forgot your password section on the left side of the page. Fill in your email address and click on "Reset and Email Password".  An email containing instructions on resetting your password has been sent to your account address.  (Do not click on this more than once or it will send you several reset links, if you do open the most recent one.) Click on the link in the email. And fill in your new password.

If the website does not recognize your email you will need to create an account. Please see instructions under "The website is not recognizing my email"

I have created an account but when I go to register for the meeting or pay my dues it is telling me to create an account.


Make sure you are logged in to the website at the upper right side of the page. You might want to click on "stay logged into site."

I have logged into the website but when I go to a different page it logs me out.


Make sure the cookies are enabled on your computer.

I want to submit an abstract but can't find the links.


If you have already registered for the meeting and the links are not showing up make sure you are logged into the website. Sometimes after registration the website automatically logs you out. Login again and then go back to the abstract submission page.