Multiple participation notice

The size of the SfAA Annual Meeting has increased in recent years and this is an important factor in recruiting new members to our association. While we welcome this increase, it does place constraints on the program and requires that we enforce more consistently a policy on multiple participation that the Board of Directors established several years ago.

The Board has stated that an individual may not participate in more than one part of the scientific program of an SfAA annual meeting. This includes all types of active participation – presenting author of a session, paper, or poster, co-authorship, discussant, panelist, or roundtable participant. A session organizer may also present a paper or be a discussant in their own session. The limitation is intended to reduce the scheduling difficulties caused by presenting at multiple time periods.

A limited number of exceptions may be permitted to this rule and they will be considered on a case-by-case basis. These requests for exception should be submitted with an explanation to the SfAA office. They will be reviewed and decided by three individuals--the Program Chair, the Annual Meetings Coordinator, and the staff member responsible for organizing the scientific sessions.