The Michael Kearney Memorial Lecture

The Michael Kearney Memorial Lecture honors the memory and career of the prominent scholar of transnational migration. Throughout his professional career, Michael Kearney had an abiding interest in three themes which are of particular importance in contemporary society – migration, human rights, and transnationalism.   The interest was manifest in his doctoral research (“The Winds of Ixtepeji”) and developed with more precise focus in the 1980’s, when he devoted his energies to the plight of migrants from Mexico.  These studies and their findings led  to a greater involvement with the formulation of public policy and provided the basis for reports and testimony before Federal and California State Legislative Hearings.  They sharpened and  crystallized his commitment to  applied anthropology as a tool for understanding and resolving problems in the human condition.

We honor his life with a Memorial Session each year at the annual meetings of the Society for Applied Anthropology. Each year, the Committee will select an outstanding scholar whose presentation will explore the intersection of three themes (migration, human rights, transnationalism)  and with a specific focus on a contemporary issue/problem.