Disability Access Services and Accommodation Policy for the Annual Meeting:

It is the policy of the Society for Applied Anthropology to hold events (meetings, conferences, and professional gatherings) where physical and communications barriers do not exclude people with disabilities from attending and participating. In support of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the SfAA and its contracted facilities will accommodate reasonable requests for accessibility to the extent possible.  Individuals requiring special accommodations are asked to make their specific needs known to the SfAA at least four months prior to the annual meeting. SfAA staff will work with individuals who require reasonable accommodation in order to ensure accessibility for the greatest number of people, to the greatest extent possible.

Access Service request must be received by SfAA by October 15 to guarantee availability.

Individuals are fully responsible for making their own hotel arrangements. It is recommended that the participant make their own reservations in a timely manner to ensure special needs are met.


Disability Access Services and Accommodation Request Form

You will be contacted by email to discuss the details of your particular situation.  

Please contact the SfAA Office if you have any questions.