Annual SfAA Student Endowed Award

This prize is the only SfAA award administered entirely by students (specifically the SfAA Student Committee). The student committee works to increase student membership in the SfAA, as well as to encourage and facilitate student participation in the SfAA annual meeting. In 2003, with this mission in mind, members of the Student Committee began to develop the idea of a student award that would cover the costs of student membership and travel to the annual meeting. Over the next two years the student committee took on the task of creating this award, and with the support of very generous donations from the SfAA membership, the committee is proud to present its award in conjunction with the SfAA annual meeting.

The Student Endowed Award consists of a $500 travel stipend to cover costs of attending the annual meeting, plus a one-year SfAA membership, (which includes a year’s subscription to the journals Human Organization and Practicing Anthropology). Current SfAA student members who have already paid dues for the current year will receive membership for the upcoming year.


Individuals who are currently enrolled as students -- both graduate and undergraduate, international and domestic -- may apply. Moreover, the award is not restricted to anthropology students; those enrolled in the applied social sciences and other related disciplines are also strongly encouraged to apply.  Current membership in the SfAA is not required. Officers and former officers of the Student Committee may not apply. Attendance at the upcoming SfAA annual meeting is required in order to receive the award.

Application and Deadline

Students interested in applying should complete the online application consisting of the following:

  • Name, email, phone
  • Academic Department and University
  • An essay (500 word max) on “How have applied theories and methods influenced your research or career goals, and how might participation in the SfAA help you to achieve these goals?” Whether you are experienced in applied methodologies or not, we encourage you to write this essay to explore the idea of how applied methods and your active membership in SfAA could inspire (or has already inspired or transformed) your research or career as a social scientist.

Online Application

The deadline for submission is December 20. The results of the competition will be announced in January. Awardees are required to provide SfAA with a bio, picture, and travel receipts to receive payment. 


Previous Winners