John Bodley Student Travel Award

Bodley.pngThe John Bodley Student Travel Award was initiated by former students, and honors an international scholar whose career focused on the impact of development on indigenous peoples. More recently, his research turned to the issue of scale as a way to best understand the contemporary concentration of wealth and power. A travel award ($500) will be presented each year to a student presenting a paper/poster at the SfAA Annual Meeting.


One award of $500 will be available to students who meet the eligibility qualifications.


  • Individuals must have been enrolled as students during some part of the current year
  • Submitted a paper or poster abstract which has been accepted for the annual meeting program.

The Bodley Award winner will receive a scholarship of $500 toward their travel expenses to attend the SfAA annual meeting.



Applicants must submit a one page statement explaining how participation in the Annual Meeting will further your professional goals.

Online Application

The deadline for submission is December 20. The results of the competition will be announced in January. Awardees are required to provide SfAA with a bio, picture, and travel receipts to receive payment.


John Bodley Award Winners