The Del Jones Memorial Travel Award

Del Jones was a distinguished member of SfAA and an African American anthropologist who developed perspectives that could assist and transform the lives of oppressed and disadvantaged peoples. Following his death in 1999, close friends and members of the Society established the Del Jones Memorial Fund. This Fund supports a travel grant of $500 for a student to attend the annual meeting of the Society. The Del Jones Travel Award is intended to increase minority participation in SfAA, particularly African American participation, but also to honor the life and work of Del Jones independently of the minority criterion.  The winning paper will best reflect the contributions and/or life experiences of Del Jones.



Two awards of $500 each will be available to students who meet the eligibility qualifications.


  • Individuals must have been enrolled as students during some part of the current year
  • Submitted a paper abstract which has been accepted for the annual meeting program. Students who are presenting a poster are not eligible.
  • Following the contributions of Del's professional life, the abstract (and paper) should be concerned with efforts to assist and transform the lives of oppressed or disadvantaged people.

 The Del Jones Award winners will receive a scholarship of $500 toward their travel expenses to attend the SfAA Annual Meeting


Application and Deadline

Applicants should submit a written statement not to exceed two, double-spaced pages. The statement should explain how participation in the annual meeting will further the professional goals of the applicant. The statement may also include information, which documents the interest of the applicant in efforts to transform the lives of disadvantaged peoples.

Online Application

The deadline for submission is December 20. The results of the competition will be announced in January. Awardees are required to provide SfAA with a bio, picture, and travel receipts to receive payment. 


Previous Winners