Increasing the Impact of Anthropologists Beyond the Academy

CHAIR: GRUß, Inga (Kaiser Permanente)

Session abstract:

Despite the widespread application of ethnographic methods and anthropological language by other fields and in popular language, the task of translating anthropological skills and the depth of knowledge gained through academic training remains a challenge. Learning how anthropologists can most effectively communicate and demonstrate the ways in which the discipline can have meaningful impact remains an ongoing task. This panel features anthropologists working in healthcare, business, and industry who have overcome challenges in their work to ultimately show the deeper impact that anthropological approaches and perspectives can create across a variety of applied settings.

Session participants:

GRUß, Inga (Kaiser Permanente)

PITCHON, Ana (Insitum)

SCULL, Charley (Filament Insight & Innovation)

BERNIUS, Matthew (Measures for Justice)

HASBROUCK, Jay (Filament Insight & Innovation)


SHERWOOD, Yvonne (UCSC) When We Follow: Social Movement Camps as Learning Places

BERNIUS, Matthew (Measures for Justice) Implications beyond Design: Practicing Anthropology in the Age of Ethnography

GRUß, Inga (Kaiser Permanente) The Pragmatic Practitioner: Advancing Qualitative Methods in Health Services Research

PITCHON, Ana (Insitum) Language Matters: Town Halls, Policy and Peer Review

HASBROUCK, Jay (Filament Insight & Innovation) Getting Ahead of Appropriation: Ethnographic Thinking and FullSpectrum Insight

SCULL, Charley (Filament Insight & Innovation) We Don’t Say Weird in Anthropology: The Intrinsic Value of Anthropology for Multidisciplinary Teams

Q & A

Session took place in 2019 in Portland, Oregon, at the 79th Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology