New Methods, Interventions and Approaches


(Photo by Gigi Taylor.)

CHAIR: ALBRIGHT, Karen (U Denver)

Session participants:



GREEN, Christopher

DUROCHER, Mary, KATZ, Anne, ZHANG, Ke, CHARBONNEAU, Deborah, EATON, Tara, ABRAMS, Judith, BEEBE-DIMMER, Jennifer, HEATH, Elisabeth, and THOMPSON, Hayley S.

BUDDEN, Ashwin


ALBRIGHT, Karen (U Denver) Clinical Sociology: The Application of Sociological Insights in Intervention Design

GAMWELL, Adam (This Anthro Life Podcast & Brandeis U), ARTZ, Matt and COLLINS, Ryan H. (This Anthro Life) Consulting Podcasters: Prototyping a Democratic Tool for Multiple Voices, Storytelling and Solution Finding

GREEN, Christopher (U Penn) Researchers as Informants: Sustainably Othering the West

DUROCHER, Mary, KATZ, Anne, ZHANG, Ke, CHARBONNEAU, Deborah, EATON, Tara, ABRAMS, Judith, BEEBE-DIMMER, Jennifer, HEATH, Elisabeth, and THOMPSON, Hayley S. (Wayne State U) Codebook Development for Ethnographic Research in the Interdisciplinary Design of eHealth Tools for Cancer Survivorship

BUDDEN, Ashwin (D’Eva Consulting) Design Heresy: Or, What’s the Problem with Disruptive Design in Global Health?

Session took place in 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the 78th Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology