Research and Practice in Higher Education



List of Session Participants: 

TAYLOR, Reyda (PKE Insights)

AYALA, Armida (Kaiser Permanente)

ERICKSON, Pamela (UConn)

RAZAVIMALEKI, Bita (Independent)


TAYLOR, Reyda (PKE Insights), BRUNSON, Emily K. and TAYLOR, Nicole (TX State U) The Texas Applied Anthropology Summit: Facilitating the Needs of Both Practicing and Academic Anthropologists

AYALA, Armida (Kaiser Permanente) and NWACHUKU, Ijeoma (National U) When the Stakes Are High: Transitioning towards Collaboration in Research Ethics

ERICKSON, Pamela (UConn) and FRANK, Cynthia (Yale U) College Students’ Changing and Stable Ideas about the Cause of Disease, 2008-2016

RAZAVIMALEKI, Bita (Independent) My Brand Is Anthropology: Traces of Anthropology in Social Services


Session took place in 2017 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the 77th Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology.

Photo: “Pixelated Data” by pixabay used in conjunction with creativecommons - no changes were made to this photo