“The Network Doesn’t Stop at the Door”: Intentional Practices and the Everyday Reproduction of Community Organizing, Part I


CHAIR: NUSSBAUM-BARBERENA, Laura (UIC). Where organized groups and communities encounter slippages between their daily forms of interaction and their broader oppositional politics, they often attempt to implement widespread deliberate everyday actions that intentionally engage the politics of representation, incorporation, intersectionality, gender work and direct democracy, among others. Such practices (re-)structure motives, spaces,  and methods of communication and interaction in the course of constructing nuanced forms of sociality within and beyond particular “communities.” This panel presents ethnographically grounded and theoretically connected accounts of deliberate transformations of everyday practices among organized groups.


List of Session Participants: 


COOK, Jennifer A.

SHANI, Serah



NUSSBAUM-BARBERENA, Laura (UIC) “Our Arms Are Lengthening”: Disrupting Everyday Reproductions of Gender-Based Violence

COOK, Jennifer A. (UConn) ”Alguien quien te invite”: An Ethnography of Transnational Migrant Farmworker Employment Networks

SHANI, Serah (Yale U) The New York City Ghanaian Network Village

Photo: “Networked Organizational Structure” by Michael Heiss used in conjunction with creative commons - no changes were made to this photo. 

Session took place in Albuquerque, NM at the 74th Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology in March 2014.