Pelto International Travel Award

pelto.jpgThe SfAA Board has approved Cynthia Pizarro as this year's Pertti J. Pelto International Scholar.  The Award lecture will be held on Wednesday, April 4, at 12:00 pm.

The Pelto Award is given to a mid-career applied social scientist who is a citizen or permanent resident of a low or middle income country; who works in or is affiliated with an educational institution, governmental agency, or community-based organization in the home country; who demonstrates innovative application of social science theory and methods to address social problems; who works with grassroots programs, organizations, or other entities that address social inequities, to build community capacity to understand and address these issues; and who demonstrates involvement in building for applied social science in their country.

Pizarro.jpgCynthia Pizarro has a Bachelor's Degree in Social Anthropology – University of Buenos Aires, a Master's Degree in Social Sciences – National University of Catamarca, and a Doctorate Degree in Anthropology - University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Dr. Pizarro is a professor at the School of Agriculture of the University of Buenos Aires and is a senior researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET). She is the director of the Master’s Program in Rural Development of the University of Buenos Aires. 

Her major interests are Social Anthropology, Sociology, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Latin American Nationals Abroad, Rural Studies, International Immigration, Identity Processes, Anthropology of Work, Political Ecology, Ethnographic Methods, and Applied Anthropology. 

Dr. Pizarro’s presentation Can the Migrants Speak?: Cultural Critique and Engaged Anthropology in Argentina will focus on her studies about the experiences of Bolivians and Paraguayans who come and go from peasant/indigenous societies in their countries of birth to rural areas in Argentina in order to have what they call a better life.